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Postnatal services
9th May 2021 
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Postnatal services . jessnina


I visit you at home or hospital. We talk about your birth experience, and look at where you are with infant feeding, holding and settling your baby. If you are breastfeeding I can assist you with ongoing support, particularly looking at how you find a relaxing position for both you and baby so you can settle into an enjoyable rhythm.

Postnatal services . Father baby and dogIn the early days of shifting emotions and interrupted sleep, I can be flexible to what you need at each visit : getting some rest, having a shower, hot food, keeping the washing from piling up, babycare, going for a drive or a walk, getting some shopping in.

In general, I provide you with the time to bond with and enjoy your baby while building up your confidence to the point where you become the expert on your baby.

I work at an hourly rate for a minimum of 3 hours a day.

Postnatal services . Placentae


Your placenta is an amazing organ which has mediated your baby's development in the womb . In many societies and through history there have been ceremonies to honour the wonderful work it has done. It has also been the first postnatal meal for the rest of the mammal kingdom.

Nowadays placenta is ingested postnatally in many forms. Mothers report experiencing less postpartum blues, an increase in milk supply and more energy. I prepare placenta according to your wishes and cord keepsakes. Also a small piece of your placenta can be prepared as a homeopathic essence for baby or tincture for you by an experienced homeopath.

Postnatal services . Rebozo


In Mexican Traditional Medicine, a women's rebozo (shawl) has a variety of healing uses for the pregnant, birthing and postpartum woman. Traditional Mexican midwife Angelina Martinez sources beautiful long and sturdy handwoven rebozos ( see photo ) made in Oaxaca, and we offer treatment throughout and after pregnancy.

The very beautiful and profound postpartum Cerrada ceremony ( as taught by Dona Angelina ) closes the cycle of birth with a healing bath of herbs and fresh flowers followed by a head to toe rebozo wrap : a huge body embrace from the universe to honour and thank the mother for all her hard work.

This ceremony is also immensely healing following a pregnancy loss or stillbirth.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch for more details.

Postnatal services . idrees


Developmental baby massage helps develop your intuition and your power of touch in an empathetic relationship with your newborn, promoting natural abdominal breathing which relaxes baby, deepens breathing rhythm, improves digestion, and alleviates fractiousness and anxiety.

Your baby will unfold from a foetal position, get used to lying on the tummy for stretch and relaxation, develop a stronger back, neck and head control, open up the chest, shoulders and arms - a big emotional yes to the world - and be happier, more secure and relaxed.